The Bible is clear. Satan hates the truth. Marriage between one man and one woman is the truth God makes plain in his Word. Anything other than that is sinful and wicked. Satan's goal is to destroy that truth and confuse people into thinking that two men or two woman can be united in marriage. However, there is no such thing as same-sex "marriage." The Bible defines marriage and never does it make allowance for two men or two women to be married. 

Our enemy is clever and seeks to destroy that truth. His tactics are often to slowly attack truth over time. Satan is not in a hurry. The SSA movement is part of his plan. If he can convince churches to buy into the lie that same-sex attraction is normal and acceptable for believers, then he has accomplished a major step in his agenda. Over time, once the SSA movement is widely accepted, he can make further progress in attacking marriage.

Those who promote same-sex attraction as normal and acceptable will tell you that it is not sinful to be same-sex attracted. They will tell you that the only sin would be to act on those attractions. However, we should not buy into that line of reasoning. Imagine this, what if a person said, I am "little-boy attracted" (LBA). Would we say that is OK so long as you do not act on that attraction? God forbid! We should lovingly warn them that to be attracted to little boys is sinful and they must put to death those thoughts by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

And yet, same-sex attraction is becoming more acceptable in the churches. Denny Burk rightly argues that by using the term "attraction" rather than "desire" we are subtly drifting away from biblical terminology and removing responsibility from those who are same-sex attracted. You can read his article here

Having said all this, we understand that those who promote the SSA agenda may not even realize they are being used by Satan to promote his agenda. They may be sincere in their desire to assist the church to be more loving toward those who are experiencing these temptations. It does not change the fact they are still wrongly advancing Satan's agenda.

I'm confident Matthew Vines (author of God and the Gay Christian) does not realize that by saying you can practice homosexuality and still be a Christian, he is fulfilling the Satan’s agenda. He most likely believes he is helping churches to be more loving toward those who practice homosexuality. The truth is clear though. Homosexuality is sin and Satan wants churches to accept that sin. In the same way, those who promote same-sex attraction as acceptable within the church (while not acting on it) may be sincere in thinking they are truly helping the church to be more loving toward those experience SSA. However, the truth remains that they are promoting Satan’s agenda.

Consider the following example from the Living Out website. This is the website of Sam Allberry, Ed Shaw, and Sean Doherty. Since all three men are co-founders of the website they are responsible for the content.  This article on their website encourages those who were once homosexuals and living together to continue to do so after they come to faith in Christ. They are told that they not only can live together, especially if they have children, but they can also continue to have physical intimacy with one another, as long as it is not sexual. This would include holding hands, hugging, cuddling, and even kissing, since Paul wrote to that Corinthians that we are to "greet one another with a holy kiss” (2 Corinthians 13:12).

Anyone who cannot see where that will lead, not only for those involved in this wickedness, but also for the children who are observing this day in and day out, should seriously question their spiritual discernment.

What is so amazing is that men like Ravi Zacharias, Tim Keller, Al Mohler, and John Piper, are promoting men like Sam Allberry. They are giving Sam Allberry a platform to speak, write, and promote his same-sex attraction views.

It is time for Christian's to know what is going on and to speak out against this wickedness. Unless we are able to see what is happening, we will be unable to show others the danger.