Al Mohler: President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Delivered during a speech delivered in October of  2014 at the ERLC Conference, The Gospel,  Homosexuality, and the Future of Marriage:

One of the things we should not be embarrassed to say is that we are learning. One of the embarrassments that I have to bear is that I have written on some of these issues now for nearly thirty years, and at a couple of points I have to say, “I got that wrong,” and we have to go back and correct it, correct it by Scripture.

Now early in this controversy I felt it quite necessary, in order to make clear the Gospel, to deny anything like a sexual orientation, and speaking at an event for the National Association of Evangelicals twenty-something years ago, I made that point. I repent of that.

Derick Penwell: LGBT Activist, Pastor, Author, Speaker

Commenting on Al Mohler's above apology for for previously denying sexual orientation, Penwell writes, "...I want to congratulate you on being such a visible illustration of the progress we’ve made in our understanding of LGBTQ people and the dignity their lives should rightfully be afforded." 

Sam Alberry: Pastor, Author, Speaker

All of us are fallen in this area of life. All of us experience disordered desires that affect our sexual desires as well. So all of us are sexual sinners. Same-sex attraction is a particular way in which that fallenness works its way out in my life. So I tend to use that language. 

This type of language, "all of us are sexual sinner" is designed to normalize the sin of SSA. By lumping us all as "sexaul sinners", Allberry is in effect saying, "you are no different than me".