Church Audit


Satan is a master deceiver. By mixing truth with error his deception is greater. The "audit" has some valid questions every church should consider. However, the goal of this audit is to make SSA acceptable and normal in the church. Can you spot the statements that are dangerous? Click the image to the right to see the full size "audit". 

Certainly every church should seek to love and minister to people regardless of the particular sin they deal with. The way to help anyone is to give them the Gospel. Those who created this "audit" would have you believe that if you are not able to answer "Yes" to all of the questions than you are not loving as you should be. 

Consider the seventh statement. "A godly Christian's sexual orientation would never prevent them from exercising their spiritual gifts or serving in leadership in your church". Does a church really have to agree to allow a man who is SSA to be a leader to be considered a loving church?

Statement number six is an excellent truth. "All in your church are encouraged to develop an identity founded first and foremost on their union with Christ." The hypocrisy of this statement is that those who claim SSA are making their identity "same-sex attraction". They claim to not use the word "gay" because that word denotes an identity. So they simply use another phrase and then claim it is not their identity. 

The truth is that men like Sam Allberry promote themselves as same-sex attracted. That is their identity, regardless of how they describe themselves. Sam Allberry actually says in this article that the term "gay" is a dangerous label. He says it is used to express someones identity. He then says “I want to use language that describes same-sex attraction as an aspect of my life, but doesn’t imply that this defines me.”