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We are Christians who are committed to upholding the truth of God's Word. We love others and believe the best way to show love is to speak the truth in love.

Why This Site?

We exist because our enemy has an agenda. Satan is the "father of lies" and is a master at deceving. Sadly, the SSA agenda is taking firm root in many churches that profess to preach the Gospel.

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Help us spread the truth of God's Word to others. Most people in the church are unaware of the inroads that those who are promoting SSA are making. Refer your friends to this site.

What Does SSA Stand For?

The initals SSA stand for "same-sex attraction". It is used by those who want to portray that being attracted to someone of the same-sex is not sinful as long as there is no sexual intimacy.

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What Does The Bible Say?

The Bible teaches that God made man in His image. God created woman from man and for man (1 Corinthians 11:8-9). Man was not created for man nor was woman created for woman.

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What Is The Agenda?

 Agenda is the plural form of the Latin word agendum, which literally means "something to be done". We believe there is an agenda behind the SSA movement.

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Articles Promoting Truth

The articles you will find here promote the Biblical view about the SSA movement and its dangers.

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Articles Promoting Lies

The articles listed here are dangerous and deceptive. Often they are filled with inconsistencies that are glaring.

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Those Who Are Promoting SSA

Various people are involved in promoting the SSA agenda. Some are SSA and others are promoting the message of SSA.

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Great Quotes on the Subject

The following quotes are taken from longer articles. If you are looking for a brief overview, check these out. 

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Shocking Quotes on the Subject

These quotes clearly show the danger of the SSA movement. You will be shocked to hear what some are saying.

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The SSA Church Audit

The creators of the Living Out website have created a church "audit". While claiming to help churches be more loving, it is really designed to help churches to accept sinful behavior. Tim Keller has been a big promoter of the church audit. You can check out his videos here.

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Letter From A Pastor

The following letter is meant to show the absolute absurdity of the SSA movement. It is not meant to be unloving toward those who face sinful temptations toward the same-sex. Neither is it intended to be funny. It is intended to show the need to reject identifying as SSA.

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Is Gay Okay? The Bible and Celibate Gay Christianity

Denny Burk does an excellent job to show that even "gay celibate Christianity" is sinful. This is the exact opposite of what Sam Allberry teaches. Listen for yourself to learn what the Bible teaches on this crucial subject.

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The Foundational Question

In this article we show what is the underlying difference between the SSA agenda and what the Bible teaches. This is the basic truth that will bring clarity to this issue. The article will also help those experiencing SSA to find true victory in Christ.

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